Chris Tofalli Public Relations provides senior communications services specifically to the private equity industry. With over 35 years of strategic communications experience, we work directly with you to deliver tailored services and exceptional results that support your people, transactions, fund raising efforts, and portfolio company investments. We are fully committed to supporting your goals.

Our Approach

Chris Tofalli Public Relations exclusively serves private equity clients, offering senior level counsel with a keen understanding of the private equity model and its unique dynamics and relationships. With over 35 years of strategic communications experience we help enhance the positioning of your firm, highlight your differentiated investment model, position your firm’s transactions, and assist in the event of a crisis.

Target audiences include entrepreneurs, investors, the financial community, and the media. Our middle market clients manage funds from $400 million to $7 billion. We also work with portfolio company management teams during the investment cycle.

What makes us unique?

Having worked with a wide range of leading private equity firms since 1995, we are well versed in the language of the private equity industry and its demands. We understand the nuances and sensitivities of simultaneously serving both private equity partners and their management teams. Your firm and portfolio companies will benefit from our partnership with you.

  • You work directly with a senior professional, not a junior associate
  • We offer a full suite of services tailored to your needs.
  • Our experience benefits you and your team.
  • We help support the vision of your management teams to grow companies.

Services We Offer

With competition fierce for investments and LP dollars sponsors understand the value of differentiating their firm in the market. Working closely with your professionals, we help:

  • Enhance your firm’s profile
  • Ensure a consistency of message
  • Interface with the media on your behalf
  • Position key principals as thought leaders

Tailored media programs help foster beneficial relationships with your partners and journalists. News releases should effectively communicate your firm’s milestones – investments, realizations, executive changes.  They serve as a tool to reiterate your messages to LPs, portfolio company management and their employees, as well as potential new management teams and investors.  Carefully coordinated editorial meetings provide a setting for dialogue to address important issues and reinforce your investment thesis.

Unexpected events such as management changes, plant closings, product recalls, or bankruptcies can have serious negative implications for your firm or portfolio company. It’s critical to manage these events appropriately in order to minimize any adverse effects.

We can enhance your firm’s contact with external audiences with:

  • Web Site Development
  • Logo Development
  • Media Training
  • Special Events
  • Advertising Programs


Chris Tofalli has extensive experience providing communications and financial media relations services to private equity firms, public and private companies, and Fortune 50 corporations. For the past 20+ years, he has worked with a number of private equity sponsors across the country to manage their ongoing communications or to help enhance their profile.  He has also helped partners as they launch new firms.  He founded his own public relations firm in 2006 and many of his client relationships exceed 10+ years. He previously served in senior corporate communications positions at The Seagram Company and W. R. Grace & Co.

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